Friday, December 6, 2013


and~ here we go! im currently at week 12 in my 7th semester~ 2 more weeks to go to the end of my 7th semester~ and 1 more semester left before i graduate~ (insyaAllah if everythin goes smoothly~)

*oh yes! my grammar is my major problem here~ dunno when i can fix this! :3 dem shame! >3<

12 weeks~ it goes like nothing~ how much im missin my class~ havin fun with them~ especially during the making of phantom lancer~ dat da best moments i had along my university life~ and i wonder~ wat will happen next after i graduated~ awkward maybe? (even during my internship session i can't control myself~ "dis is wat im going to face later? like SERIOUSLY?" its hurt me a lot~ )  i tot~ im da one who can handle myself at anywhere o everywhere i go~ but im lost! *3*

2 more mini projects, 1 final year project, 3 more presentations to be prepare!



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