Friday, September 20, 2013

Intro? hehe!

konon nk cite english~ tp sbb nk cpt melayu je mampu taip~ :P HAHAHA!! urgh~ bru teringin nk bukak blog~ (nmpk x mood nk menaip tu tetibe byk gle?) bukak~ bukak~ pup ad komen~ bce pnye bce komen uh "cite ap yg aq xcited sgt nk cite ni?" hahahhaha!! da lupe ok! 3 months ago~ :3 n suddenly I remembered!! UOOOHHOOIII~~!!!! its about phantom lancer bebeh! oh my beloved phantom~ how dare me forget u~ :3 hehe! and im stat missin u back!!! (since i gonna end my internship soon~~ weehoo~~!! *too much happy bcz he's not around today! Ya Allah~ lega yang amat!!).. hmmm~ maybe i shud pay u a visit when i end my internship? maybe ya~ maybe~ :3 i wish i can make it! but my dear friends~ somehow i didn't have enuf time to story mory da whole thing~ maybe~ i can just attach da video of da racing day? im VERY EXCITED bout da video~ heheh! InsyaAllah i will make da LONG story of da makin PHANTOM LANCER~ :3

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