Friday, March 11, 2011

malin meng'tag!

Instruction :

Once you are tagged, answer the question honestly.. No lying or cheating ok?

starting time : 0026

name : Syuhada

brother(s) : 2

eye colour : ontah~ (nmpk sgt xprihatin) XD

shoe size : 8 & 9 (bapak gedabak kaki) XD

hair : colourful!! ;)

piercing: nope

height : aa! 1 _ _~ HAHA!

what are you wearing right now : baju n suar aa~

where do u Live : ampang!

favourite number : 3 & 5

favourite drink : sume bnde! Especially MASAM! yum2!!

favourite month : ALL! XD

favourite breakfast : sume bnde! (tamak btol!)


broken a bone : nope~

been in a police car : nope agaiN~

fallen for a friend : aaa? Ni ap die nk tanye sbnrnye? XD

fallen for a guy / girl for a short time : x~

swam in the ocean : X!

broken someone's heart : ad ke? Hahaha~

cried when someone's died : yes i did! Even for animal~ isk..

sat by the phone all night waiting for someone call : aaa~ not anymore! XD

saved e-mail : the important one only!

been cheated : ntah~ XD


your room look like : bilik teruna? MUNGKIN! XD

what is right beside you : bantal~ oh my best pillow n comforter~ XD

what is the Last thing you ate : MEGI AYAM! Yum3!


the last person you tell : tell what??

the last person you danced with : haha! NEVA!

the last made you smile : holmes sewel! HAHAHA! Eh! More to laugh actually~ XD


what are you listening right now : Japanese song! WOW!

what did you do today : dgr ceramah sal METAL STAMPING n SAFETY apetah~ lupe.. :3

are you the oldest : i’m da 2nd one! XD

indoors or outdoors : both! ;)


talk to someone you like : huh? ALWAYS! Hahah~

kiss someone : i kiss things~ not sumone! :P

sing : almost all the time! (ye ke? Padahal menjerit!)

talk to an ex : nope!!

miss someone : always~

eat : DONE! ;))


you talked on the phone to : holmes sewel~

made you cry : my mum.. isk.. isk.. isk~

you went to the mall with : malin~ kedai runcit je.. XD

who cheered you up : my friends! J J J

have a crush on someone : ntah~

what books are you reading right now : MATERIAL SC! Hahah~ test3!

best feeling in the world : enjoy ur life! N bersyukur ngn ap yg anda ad~ J J

future kids name : ek! Xpnh pk...

do you sleep with stuffed animal : no! Ek! Sumtimes maybe.. XD

what's under your bed : bantal lagi~ XD

favourite sport : anything related to ball.. ;))

favourite place : anyplace yg ADVENTURE!

do you have a job : nope~ hahah!

what time is it now : 0043

WAH!!! 17minutes only~ XD

aq tag sume org! feel free to ANSWER THIS! XD