Saturday, February 26, 2011

Soft Skill~ (Part 1)


here we now~ i just complete my soft skills set~ (eh yeke? XD) it has been conducted by
Conseiller Consulting which is the consultant company that been selected by Malaysia Automotive Institute to teach us about SOFT SKILLS~ in order to prepare ourself to face the practical session that will run end of this semester.. WOW! all the trainer are SUPERB!! super duper SUPERB! :O one of them that i adore so much is Mr. Ismaz Azyze~ :3 hoho.. coz his speech and the way he deliver the info really give me sumthing n go deep into my heart~ WOAHH!! (over lak) XD n i think he do helps me a lot in order to make me feel more confident to speak in English n dont be shy even my grammar was HORRIBLE~ XD he love to ask us to use this tagline "JUST DO IT!" or "BELASAH JE LA".. n YES! i already have that confident! THANKS SIR~ THANKS SO MUCH! :))


my class got 3 trainer that is Mr. Ismaz, then Mr. Aziz, last but not least Mr. Mustaffa~ 3 of them was GREAT! Thanks so much for the week you guys spends for us.. it really meaningful.. :)) even i do not participate much in that prgram, but i do understand n trying to improve it day by day.. XD and THANKS coz give me idea how to make it reality.. :))

(mule2 ingt nk wt post kali in English~ then ayat atas ni pn da makan mase yg sgt LAME almost 2 to 3 HOURS~ so then i choose to mixed the language! heheh~ )


for the 1st n 2nd week.. (conducted by Mr. Ismaz)



MyEm0.Com MyEm0.Com

the most challenging week i guess~ heheh! cz i need to SPEAK ENGLISH! no matter what happen.. even i dunno the word in english, i must make it sound ENGLISH! heheh~ (phm2 sndri la ye XD ) k! ap yg aq dapat snjg 2 mggu tu? i gain my confident~ n sir ismaz membuatkn aq mngunakan otak aq yang hampir karat ni~ heheh! huish! PENAT! sampaikn aq xley nk curi mase tuk tdo.. seriously aq TERKJOT! even b4 uh aq tdo lmbat, dlm kul 6 pgi then bgn balik 6.41pgi, aq berjaya mengawal ngntok aq.. PERGH!! serious Sir Ismaz best! SGT2 BEST! SUGOOI~ :3 aq ni mmg sgt terok if berkaitan ngn tdo.. XD kwn2 yg knl aq mgkin tau pgai aq cm ne.. mmg dr skola rendah, aq suke tdo dlm class.. XD even da msuk U ni pn, aq still tdo.. heheh! gaye tdo aq da expert sgt kot sampai org tertipu.. XD HEHEH! so aq mmg kagum dgn org2 yg berjaya wt aq xtdo.. SGT2 KAGUM!! :)) ssh kot nk jmpe org yg mcm ni.. ;)) Sir ismaz teach us bout +VE ENERGY n THE POWER OF BRAIN!

so kite ni ibarat pengalir arus electric.. n we can transfer the energy to others~ hebat kn ciptaan Allah ni.. so, if kwn2 kite lemah n xbertenaga, pindahkn la tenaga anda kepada mereka.. TETAPI! pastikn tenaga anda sgt tinggi sebelom ia di beri kpd org len.. jikalau tidak, anda pulak yg x bermaya~ BAHAYA UH! XD.. mcm mane nk transfer energy? by the power of shake hand my dear friends~

Genggam la sekemas yg mungkin! supaya tenaga anda dpt diberikn pada org len dan SELAMAT BERBAKTI! ;) n jgn la salam ala2 mak datin ye~ (i think all of you know how the mak datin salam.. XD ) but! selain bersalam, kite jgk bley gne cara dgn memegang bahu rakan kite TP! jgn la tepuk rakan2 korunk uh sekuat hati.. just memadai ckup la.. just nk bg rakan anda yg byk -ve energy uh sedar sket n dapat rasekn tenaga yg anda pindahkn.. :)) then always praise ur partner~ cause with a good word also can make others energy level increase.. about the power of brain lak~ its actually about how we manage our mind set~ MIND SET is important.. if we can control our mind set, our life would be easy~ still then, not easy to control our brain.. it lot of xtivities we need to do to make our brain working well n always functioning~ XD heheh!.. dont let it rusting like i always do.. :3 n i did some test related to the part of the brain i use most.. that is ARM TEST, THUMB TEST, EYE TEST and TWIST TEST! if you want to know more, ask me ok~ i will tell u later on.. heheh! so based on that test, i'm the user of left brain.. 3 out of 4 are left.... XD


ek! asl la ad pencil patah lak ni an? pelik? hehe! this is one of the activities yg aq buat~ PERGHH!! best! UNBELIEVABLE~ i broke that pencil using A FINGER! WOW! mule2 mmg mcm, "btol ke sir ni nk soh gne 1 jari? bia betik!! ".. mule2 uh mmg tkot la jgk~ nk patahkn pencil kayu kot.. gne 1 jari~ xpnh aq buat.. excited jgk la tp still ragu2~ but sir ismaz said " do believe yourself!, just imagine that the pencil are not at the current position.. but 3 inch under the real position~ WOAHH!! ssh gk nk fokus 3 inch uh.. bkn sng k nk fokus.. hehehe!! Sir kate, if potongan kite uh ibarat potongan mgunakan sumthing yg tajam, kire xbergigi2 la potongan uh, it shows that the person really FOCUS! n aq pnye xbpe licin aa.. but still ok than others~ heheh! (lebih sgt confident ni!).. after 3 kali percubaan bru PASS! haha~ lebam gk la jari aq.. XD tp time aq dpt potong uh, seriously xrse sakit.. wlaupn sikit! so kwn2, jgn tkot untuk mencuba~ BE CONFIDENT N FOCUSS!! ;))

ni bg yg BERJAYA FOKUS! syabas! :))

lau salah teknik~ BENGKAK la jari anda~ :)) so BE FOCUS OK!

(dak ni dasyat ni~ bru 1st try tros pki 3 batang pencil.. mmg meraung la die) XD


SO! the main objective for the first week that they want US to achieved are the 14 CHARACTER:-

heheh! i just got few characters.. need to GAIN MORE! InsyaAllah~ on my way to achieve it!.. XD

(ni bru 1st week! tu pn just cite sket2 je~ PUNYE LA PNJG AQ TAIP! *xcited tibe2) XD

The 2nd week is about the leadership skill~ in a process to be a potential leader, we need to maintain all these character such as DISCIPLINES ( the most important thing!!) n mostly it relate to the the 14 characters that i stated just now~ XD

yg tgh2 tu la Mr. Ismaz~ :3 hehe! (tgk video ni byk kali oh! kelakar~)


Info: knpe korunk xnmpk aq dlm video ni? hahahah! sbb aq yg 1st skali kuar~ hahah!! kelakar ok! sir pn gelakkn aq.. die kate "kamu la org pertama yg sy jmpe start game tros kalah" hahah!! mne x nye~ aq tgh ngelamun.. XD tbe2 tros kne point! TERKZOT! sgt2 TERKEZOT! heheh~ mmg kne gelak hbis2an la an.. XD nasib2~ heheh!

AND! i also figure out my personality~ there are 4 types personalities that has been research by sir Ismaz~ that is:-

  1. SANGUINE - The Popular Personality
  2. MELANCHOLY - The Perfect Person
  3. CHOLERIC - The Powerful Person
  4. PHLEGMATIC - The Peaceful Person
so~ guess what i get? XD i got SANGUINE! hahahha! kelakar ok! XD MyEm0.Com

so! (so lgi xd word len ke? XD) the benefits become sanguine ni adalah:

  • Talk active
  • Outgoing
  • Creating enthusiasm and excitement
  • Warm
  • Personable
  • Friendly such as making initial with people
  • Compassionate
  • Carefree
  • Encouraging and uplifting other, Inspires others to join.
  • Ensuring the group has fun
  • Loves people
  • Curious
  • Likes spontaneous activities
ade banyak lagi~ tp aq malas nk taip..hehe! if nk tau, ape lgi just ask me! hehe~ if nk tau sal lgi 3 personality pn bley jgk.. TANYE LA! jgn malu bertanye ye.. XD

bile da ad kebaikan, KOMPEM ad keburukan bukan? XD so antare kelemahan nye adalah:
  • Unstable
  • Weak-willed
  • Undependable
  • Egocentric
  • Has loud voice and laugh
  • Exaggerates
  • Fearful
  • Has restless energy
  • Forgetful
  • Too happy for some
  • Looks for credit
  • Hates to be alone
  • Confident fades fast

ini juga sebahgian darinye.. hehe~ xlarat da nk taip.. byk sungguh! (tu la tangguh2 lagi wt kje. XD)

k.. ap yang aq ley relate kn lgi pasal nk jadi pemimpin yg baik ni , that person must TAKE PROMPT ACTION! n RESPONDS QUICKLY when confronted with a problem or when made aware of a situation.. other than that, be PROACTIVE! But not REACTIVE~ if we are PROACTIVE person the way we response are using acknowledge, correct others mistake n learn from their mistake too~ but if u're REACTIVE, u just be self deceiving. justifying and rationalization~ the most important thing areIDENTIFY YOUR TARGET!

The Magic Vision:
  • Vision sees what must be tomorrow, beyond what is today :))
  • People around you may help you see the vision :D
n DON'T DELAY YOUR WORK ANYMORE~ :)) i'm still try to avoid it, but its takes time.. :) be patient syuhada~ while u have that enthusiasm for change, INSYAALLAH~ nothing is impossible! Be positive! YEAH! I LOVE THAT SPIRIT! :))


just for reminder to whom want to be A GOOD LEADER! XD

  • Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today
  • Never trouble another for what you can do yourself
  • never spend your money before you have it
  • Pride cost us more than hunger, thirst and cold
  • Forget the mistakes of the past and press onto the greater achievement of the future
  • Wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile
  • Give so much time to improvement yourself that you have no time to criticize others
  • Be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit troubles~
this is a PART! of my soft skill~ i can't type it anymore.. too much memory i have used! hehe~ my brain need rest after a tiring day for yesterday~ thanks for your good memory brain.. u still keep all the best memories i had~ n i hope u still working on until da last day of my life~ insyaAllah.. :))

MyEm0.Com will be continue~
(insyaAllah ;) )


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nk lgi~ data sikit sgt~

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banyak nya kau tulis T.T aku rase aku xpernah tulis entry sepanjang ni ada -__-

~uNpReDiCTabLe~ said...

sewel: data aq da bg kt fb ye~ XD

alia: hehe! pnjg kn etry aq kali ni.. aq xcited sgt nk cite sal soft skill ni.. best gile alia~ ;))